Frequently Asked Questions

Air Conditioning & Heating Source

Q: What do you think of the new Nest thermostat?
A:  I must answer this in four parts
1.  If the customer likes the old school style round thermostat style that is now programmable then this is a good one.
2.  From a high tech prospective it’s well advertised! Warnings don’t always believe the hype for the Nest has come under scrutiny do to some of_its advertising.
3. Cost; I do not sale $350 plus programmable thermostats for I can’t justify that cost. My wifi -programmable thermostats top out at $250_installed.
4. Overall ACH Source does not support this product.

Q: How often should I change my air filter?
A: If you have a one inch thick filter then you need to change it every month. Rules of thumb change it out on the day you pay your electric bill. If you have a four inch thick filter then you can change it once a quarter (3mos). Yet in either case you need to look at it and ensure it doesn’t need changing more often. As an additional note I’m not a big advocate of the so call hepa filters for your home. Your system was design to permit a certain amount of air flow and when you place a hepa or other medium such heap in your system it will reduce the air flow across the coils thus reducing its efficiency as well can damage you blower. Special not ACH Source provide a filter change out service starting at $25/mo for monthly and $35/qt based on size of filter.

Q: Am I required by law to change my unit out to a new 410A unit?
A: No, this is really a multi-part answer so you have an understanding moving into the future.
1. No, if your system is running on R22 and fail it can be repaired and remain on R22.
2. No, but keep in mind R22 is a controlled substance because of the impact on the environment. R22 per EPA will be phasing out and no longer available in the US by 2020. This is why all new units are R410A Freon which doesn’t have the issues on the ozone layer as seen with R22.
3. No, in fact if your system is running good you can go with a change out kit and have your unit converted to a R22 substitute and this is the recommendation to
my customers. Because the cost of R22 will continue to go up I recommend converting to an environment friendly Freon that operates in an R22 system as well
this is best case from an overall cost prospective.

Q: Why do my lights in the house go dim when the ac turns on?
A: Your compressor is starting to draw additional current on start up. To extend the life of the unit I recommend adding a hard start kit on the condenser which
helps the unit start and should eliminate the issue.

Q: Should I get a second opinion?
A: Yes, there is nothing wrong with getting a second or third opinion.  All contractors have a base line of which we charge customers. From myprospective it’s not my desire to be the cheapest vendor my focus is to provide a quality product at a fair price.  Remember no one goes into business to lose money.  Also,  if possible I will match another vendors price yet on occasions I have clearly stated I can’t match the price.

Q: Why is my electric bill going up every summer?
A: From an ac prospective the reason your electric bill continues to increase is cause by not ensuring your system is properly maintained. The focus behind the
system checkup on your system is to ensure the unit is clean to reduce the current draw requirements on the compressor. As, well to verify proper Freon levels which ensure proper cooling which will cut the amount of time the unit is running thus cut the electric bill. From a fall prospective on gas systems we ensure your carbon monoxide levels are not at dangerous levels and equipment is functioning correctly. I have also seen on all electric systems where part of the heating element is burnt out thus causing the unit to run exponentially longer. There are many items address during your check up cycle.

Q: Why is that water leaking from that line at the top of my roof?
A: This line is the secondary drain for the ac unit in the attic and the water informs you that the primary drain line is stopped up.  You need to giveme a call as soon as possible to correct the problem. Note: Failing to have the problem addressed can lead to water damage leaking through the ceiling.